The 10 Best Squirting Asian Camgirls

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That said, we have rounded up the 10 best squirting Asian camgirls. Ready to meet them?

  1. NiuFromMakau
    90 of 100%

    First off, we have a charming 20-year-old woman from China who calls herself NiuFromMakau. She’s pretty and she has a curvaceous figure that we’re currently obsessing over. NiuFromMakau does all sorts of things on her show and she usually squirts during interactive vibrator shows.

  2. AsiraSuii
    85 of 100%

    AsiraSuii is a cute and busty camgirl from China. She has dyed blue hair, a pair of D-cup tits, and a great-looking ass. AsiraSuii looks sweet on the outside but she’s a total freak when it comes to performing in front of an audience. She loves getting off with sex toys and squirts easily.

  3. SuriSoyan
    84 of 100%

    Next, SuriSoyan is a sexy 19-year-old Asian chick from Turkey. She has a slender body, nice tits, and a great-looking booty. SuriSoyan is into all sorts of fetishes and sex acts. She loves playing with sex toys and making her pussy squirt during her webcam show.

  4. IsbellMoore
    88 of 100%

    IsbellMoore is a blonde-haired, Asian cutie from Kyrgyzstan. She’s pint-size but blessed with a curvy figure that will surely make your day. IsbellMoore looks sweet on the outside but wait until you see her play with herself non-stop and squirt all over her bed during her webcam show.

  5. MinnieViciou
    90 of 100%

    MinnieVicious is a pretty Asian camgirl from Canada. She has blonde hair, a slender body, and a pussy that squirts easily. She’s one of the sexiest and open-minded Asian camgirls you’ll ever meet. She loves masturbating with sex toys and gushes almost every time she gets off.

  6. TunySani
    89 of 100%

    TunySani is a 21-year-old woman from China. She’s slender and quite tall and has legs for days. TunySani likes cam2cam shows where she gets to show off her squirting pussy. Her shows are popular among fans of Asian camgirls.

  7. KiaraBabe19
    92 of 100%

    KiaraBabe19 is a pretty, 19-year-old Asian woman from Mongolia. She gives off a sweet and somewhat innocent look but she’s actually a very sensual woman who’s into all sorts of things. KiaraBabe19 loves teasing and playing with her squirting pussy in front of her fans.

  8. Saranme
    89 of 100%

    Next, Saranme is a pretty camgirl from China. She’s into cosplay and sex toys, and she’s always excited to show them off on her webcam show. Saranme is easily one of the hottest Asian camgirls right now. She likes to spread those sultry thighs of hers and work her pussy until she gushes.

  9. Gabi_Liss
    90 of 100%

    Gabi_Liss is a blonde-haired, Asian chick from Colombia. She has sultry, tanned skin and a great-looking booty. She’s into some pretty kinky stuff and squirts easily during sex toy shows. Gabi_Liss’ shows are not to be missed.

  10. MelodyYuna
    89 of 100%

    On the top spot, we have MelodyYuna. She’s a charming, 20-year-old brunette from the United States. She has a slender body, nice tits, and a fantastic-looking ass. MelodyYuna likes to perform all sorts of things on her show but it’s cam2cam that makes her pussy squirt like a broken fire hydrant.

There you have it, our list of the 10 best squirting Asian camgirls. While you’re at it, check out some of the women who almost made the cut.

JuicyLexi is a slender Asian camgirl with pigtails and cute lil breasts. She describes herself as a submissive who gets turned on by confident, intelligent, and generous men. She’s into all sorts of fetishes and sex acts that can make her pussy squirt.

MakiHani is a pretty, 19-year-old Asian woman from the United States. She’s sweet-looking and she has bleach-blonde hair. MakiHani looks cute and all, but she’s into stuff like ass play, BDSM, foot fetish, hair pulling, high heels, rubber, latex, lace, spanking, role-playing, and sex toys. She likes to masturbate with toys and squirts almost every time she cums.

SanjiMun is a gorgeous, brown-haired camgirl from China. She has a pretty face, a gorgeous all-natural body, and a fantastic-looking booty. SanjiMun likes to get intimate on cam2cam shows and gushes like a geyser while playing with sex toys.

Lilulilee is a hot 18-year-old woman from China. She’s into striptease, masturbation, multiple orgasms, squirt, twerk, mistress, JOI, CEI, femdom, and sloppy oral sex. She’s also a squirter and does it regularly on her cam show.

KumiSiu is a curvy webcam model from China. She’s sweet-looking but wait until you see her do her thing on her show. KumiSiu likes to dress up and tease her fans with her squirting poon.

SilanLung is a cute, 25-year-old spinner from China. She’s into all sorts of fun and sexy things, including making her pussy squirt. SilanLung is charming and she knows how to work it.